Does your school provide academic classes, or just ballet classes?
Both – Ballet Tech is a public school (PS 442M) where students receive BOTH classical pre-professional ballet training and their standardized academic education .  Please click here to learn more about our curriculum.  (High School students only receive their ballet training at Ballet Tech; they attend PPAS for their academic studies.

What grades are at your school?
Students in grades 4 - 8 study both academics and ballet at Ballet Tech.  High School students study ballet at BT and academics at PPAS.

How are children admitted into your school, and at what grade level?
Ballet Tech’s admissions are citywide, meaning students do not have to live in a particular District to attend the school.  Admission is talent-based – students audition for Ballet Tech either through an open audition or through our Beginner Program.  Students can enter the school at any grade level but please note that students entering the upper grades typically need prior dance training in order to successfully integrate into our school.  Please click here for upcoming audition dates.

How do I sign my child up for an audition?
Registering for an audition is easy – call us at (212) 777-7710 and speak with the receptionist at extension 300 to sign up for an audition.  Please click here to view our upcoming audition dates and learn more about the auditions.

How many dance classes do your students take?
Ballet classes are part of all of our students’ regular schedules.  It’s this simple: 4th graders study ballet 2 days a week, 5th graders 3 days a week, 6th graders and up study ballet 5 days a week, sometimes 6 days a week if there is a Saturday class or rehearsal.  Dance classes are generally integrated into the regular school day.

What are your school’s average test scores?
2013-14 test results: 77% of our students scored at level 3 or 4 on the NY State Math exam and 59% of our students scored at level 3 or 4 on the NY State ELA exam.  These percentages are well above the city averages.  Click here for more information about our academic curriculum.

What is the Beginner Program and how do I enroll my child in it?
The Beginner Program is an introduction to ballet class that Ballet Tech provides to about 600 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders each school year, free of charge.  The students are bused from their elementary schools to Ballet Tech one morning a week for six weeks.  Admission is audition-based – Ballet Tech auditions students at their elementary schools to determine placement.  Participation in the Beginner Program is at the discretion of your Principal – so please speak with them if you would like your school to participate!  Students who excel in the Beginner Program are invited to apply to our full-time school.  Please click here to learn more about the Beginner Program.

Do Ballet Tech students have opportunities to perform?
Yes – Ballet Tech students have the opportunity to audition for KIDS DANCE, our student performance group.  Please click here to learn more about KIDS DANCE.

What forms of transportation are available to your students?
Ballet Tech’s students come from all over New York City.  The Department of Education does not currently provide free yellow bus service to students traveling out of district.  However, our students are entitled to student Metro Cards.  Some of our families sign up with a private bus service.  The monthly cost of the bus depends on the amount of students riding it.  We also assist families who are struggling with transportation in finding other Ballet Tech families who live near them so that they can arrange a car pool solution.  The majority of our older students travel on their own.

Does your school have an after school program?
Yes – ROADS TO SUCCESS provides after school services to our students everyday from 2:35 pm until 6:00 pm.  Please click here to learn more about ROADS.

Do students have a Physical Education class?
No – students at Ballet Tech are exempt from standard Physical Education requirements because the ballet classes meet (and exceed) those requirements.

Do students have a Computer class?
No – but our school has laptop computers that are used in the academic classes.  In addition, our teachers incorporate Smart Boards into their instruction.

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September 24: Open Audition, 12PM

September 27: PTA Meeting, 8:30AM

October 3-4: Rosh Hashanah, No Classes

October 10: Columbus Day, No Classes

October 12: Yom Kippur, No Classes

October 13: SLT Meeting, 3:30PM

October 13-14: Scholastic Book Fair

October 25: PTA Meeting, 8:30AM

October 25: Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4PM-7PM (Middle School Only)

October 26: Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4PM-7PM

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October 27: Noon Dismissal